If you feel sick, would you want to play a game that gives you the power to control super cells to battle against a flood of diseases? Probably not. But Dr. Greylord is here to give an awesome healing session anyway. Battle against the dis-eased and ,ever-annoying, Joker of Disgust along with his minions in this 3-match game fused with elements of tower defense that requires a keen eye on tactics on the battle above the screen and your decision on which cells to match below. Depending on your skills of planning ahead on what cells to match up, you’ll be able to summon strong super cells for battle. But Beware! Dr. Greylord isn’t so keen on sterilizing after every messy battle, there will be viruses infecting even your arsenal of super cells so you will have to plan carefully in order to dispose of infected cells.

About Teebik Games:

As a business unit of Avazu Holding, Teebik Games was established to become a world leading platform for mobile game publishing and operation. Teebik Games provides global mobile game developers with a professional platform and customized publishing services, and is dedicated to providing global game developers with comprehensive and integrated services, including game quality assessment, market analysis, global publishing, localized support services, and professional technical supports. With its rich experience, prospective vision, and cross-border targeting, Teebik Games is creating considerable value for its growing list of international partners.